New Hope Intern: ‘How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Working for Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’

New Hope intern Will Rampe
Image via Bucks Local News.
New Hope intern Will Rampe folds an American Flag for shipment to a constituent of Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, for whom he is serving as a summer intern.

College students on summer break take jobs that range from lifeguarding to dog walking to Door Dashing. Will Rampe of New Hope is spending his Hamilton College summer interning. He’s working in the Langhorne office of U.S. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, reports Bucks Local News.

The rising sophomore opted for the experience because of an academic interest in political theories. He may be testing the waters for a future career.

Rampe’s daily to-do list comprises plenty of constituent contact; he ensures the congressman’s accessibility to the public, responds to mail, and fields telephone calls.

The latter task often positions him as point person for political commentary.

“There are three main issues that people care about,” Rampe said. “They call about the January 6 Commission, they call about the new infrastructure bill, and some people want to know about his vote for Liz Cheney.”

Fitzpatrick’s middle-of-the-road stance also sparks opinions that callers share with Rampe. Democrats claim that he’s not left enough; Republicans assert he’s not right enough.

But the bulk of Rampe’s callers present simple, everyday problems they need help resolving.

“People have issues with their stimulus checks, their passports, other broad questions like that,” he describes.

More on Will Rampe’s summer with Congressman Fitzpatrick is at Bucks Local News.

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