Several Bucks County School Districts Listed as the Best in the State of Pennsylvania

school districts
Image via Google Maps.
Some of the districts were listed in the Top 50 in the state.

Several school districts in Bucks County have been listed as some of the best in the state, with many ranking very high on the list. Ethan Lott wrote about the districts in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

A recent list compiled the rankings of 492 of the Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts.

Here are the Bucks County school districts that made the Top 50 this year:

Here are all of the other school districts that came up on the list:

Upper St. Clair School District, located in Allegheny County, took the top spot this year. Chester-Upland School District, located in Delaware County, took the list’s last spot at No. 492.

Read more about the local school districts in the Philadelphia Business Journal.


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