Associate Executive Director of Warrington Nonprofit Awarded for Work in Community

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Image via Bristol Township School District.
Emeigh is an alum of the local school district, having graduated from high school in 2000.

A man from Bucks County is being acknowledged for his work in the mental health field, and his former school is the one awarding him.

Nicholas Emeigh, the Associate Executive Director of NAMI Bucks County, will be the first recipient of the ROAR Alumni Award. Presented by both the Bristol Township School District and Bristol Cares, he will be given the award at the Seniors Honor Night on June 8 at 6:30 PM in the auditorium of Benjamin Franklin Middle School.

Emeigh, who graduated from Harry S. Truman High School in 2000, has made a significant impact in the area through his work with NAMI. Before the pandemic, NAMI was already expanding and grew to 30 in-person programs in the area.

“I thought that was a monumental achievement, and it was, but now we have more than 100 support groups that came out of the sheer need and demand of them,” said Emeigh.

Having himself struggled with similar issues in his youth, his personal story has influenced the work he does in Bucks County and beyond.

Read more about the award at Bristol Township School District.


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