$3.75B in Pa. Education Funding Considered ‘Historic Increase to Meet Historic Needs’

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Image via CDC at Pexels.
State funding is proposed to relieve budget gaps in Pa. schools.

As Pa. school districts struggle with labor shortages and mounting costs for mandated expenses, Democratic lawmakers are proposing a $3.75 billion boost state-education funding. Maddie Hanna classified the information for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The funds would be drawn from an expected historic state surplus, along with another pool of federal relief that the state did not spend.

State Sen. Vincent Hughes, who represents parts of Montgomery and Philadelphia counties and serves as Democratic chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, referred to the proposal as “a historic increase to meet a historic moment,” considering the challenges that are currently facing the education system.

The majority of this funding would be distributed as a general aid to school districts. All 500 state districts will receive a portion of $1.1 billion in resources, distributed using the state’s funding formula. An additional $750 million would go to the 200 poorest districts. An additional $250 million would address school staffing challenges.

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers, who hold the majority in both houses, opposed the proposal, calling it a political maneuver.

Read more about this education funding proposal in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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