Over Four Decades Later, Bucks County Authorities Have Finally Cracked a Major Cold Case

cold case
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The decades-old cold case stumped investigators for decades.

After almost 50 years, authorities in Bucks County have finally come to the end of yet another puzzling cold case. Vinny Vella wrote about the case for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Richard Wesley Wheeler was killed on a woodland property in Nockamixon Township in 1980. His death was shrouded in mystery, as the killer and his associate were hard to trace due to their criminal backgrounds.

This past week, Bucks County prosecutors were able to name Peter Eric Marschner, his onetime cellmate in federal prison, and Leslie Schmidt as the perpetrators. Both have since passed away, leaving no one to be convicted of the crime.

Prosecutors, through a long and in-depth investigation, were able to determine that the murder was due to a monetary conflict between Wheeler and Schmidt. The latter had entrusted $250,000 to Wheeler, and he felt he had misused the funds.

Read more about the cold case in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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