Lancaster County Auctioneer with ‘a Beat Like Shakespeare’ Wins Statewide Bid-Calling Competition


Brian Oberholtzer, rapid-patter bid generator for H&R Auctions in New Holland, Lancaster County, is Pennsylvania’s auctioneer of the year. Jason Nark covered the distinction for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

After finishing in the Top 10 for several years, Oberholtzer won the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association (PAA) bid-calling competition. It was held in Harrisburg in May.

The nearly 2,000 state-licensed auctioneers and apprentices can vie for this prestigious title. Judges look at a wide range of skills, including poise and voice clarity, as well as their connection with the crowd.

“You really have to be the total package,” said PAA president Matthew Hostetter.

Bob Diem, owner of H&R Auctions, knew that once the judges heard Oberholtzer, the competition would be going, going, gone! Diem especially commended Oberholtzer’s skill in “seeing” his customers. The champion auctioneer has a sixth sense for knowing who is going to bid and who is going to outbid.

H&R customers know the caller well. Ed Cradduck, of Elverson, likens his performance to high art: “He has a beat, like Shakespeare,” said the military memorabilia collector.

Read more about Brian Oberholtzer in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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