Warminster Life Coach Uses Instagram to Boost Positivity and Truth


Warminster life coach Candice Yeager lives by the motto “Lift as you climb.” Hewing to that philosophy of helping others as she’s been helped, she’s now spreading positivity online, reports Alicia Vitarelli of 6abc. 

Yeager’s advice is well-timed. Stressors are everywhere, given the current atmosphere of pandemic isolation, social unrest, gender inequality, economic struggle, political jockeying and general ennui. 

To provide a soothing voice amid all this uneasiness, Yeager has teamed with a local doctor. Together, they’re lifting spirits and encouraging grit among women.  

“Positivity and Truth,” the resulting Instagram page, brims with motivational posts. Some content is racy, some is snarky, some is brutally forthright. It all works to keep followers moving forward. 

“We wanted to come together to spread not only positivity, but just being honest and raw and telling the truth,” said Yeager. 

She and her collaborator, Fairmount Doctor Rubina Tahir, curate a feed where women can find solace, provide resources to build their best life and have a much-needed laugh. 

They say the comments on their account show that the community is there and that their tactics are working. 

Dr. Tahir and Yeager are also now cowriting a book. 

More on this online pick-me-up is at 6abc

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