In a Twist of Medical Irony, Langhorne Kidney Specialist Becomes a Kidney Transplant Recipient Himself


Dr. Greg Zollner and Dr. Chris Frankel are two Langhorne nephrology colleagues. But their professional relationship took on a much more personal tone when one donated a kidney to the other, reported Becca Henderson for 6abc. 

Dr. Zollner found out by accident that he had kidney disease. 

His office purchased a new piece of diagnostic equipment. A test procedure on himself yielded the startling news. 

“As soon as we put the probe down, we saw a cyst on my kidneys,” Dr. Zollner said. 

He battled the disease for two decades before transplant became his sole option. 

Dr. Frankel had offered his own kidney, but Dr. Zollner never really took him seriously. 

Eventually, however, the wait time for someone else to step up was ebbing away. Dr. Zollner needed help. 

“Stepping up like that was above and beyond, but knowing [Dr. Frankel’s} character, it doesn’t surprise me,” said Dr. Zollner. 

Six weeks after transplant surgery, Dr. Zollner says he feels like himself again for the first time in years, and Dr. Frankel is back to work. 
“How proud I am to have been able to give you a kidney,” Dr. Frankel told Dr. Zollner. 
“And I cannot express my thanks in words that make any sense,” Dr. Zollner responded. 

More on how these kidney professionals helped each other is at 6abc


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