Historical Marker to Celebrate Area Doctor Who Aided Wright Brothers in Achieving First Flight

Image via Wikimedia Commons.
Wilbur Wright in 1901.

A new marker in West Brandywine Township will recognize George Spratt, a Coatesville doctor who helped the Wright brothers achieve the first flight, writes Marlene Lang for Phoenixville Patch.

Spratt was a pioneer in aviation design who chose farming and amateur aeronautics over practicing medicine. He was a good friend of the Wright brothers, and he shared his ideas on the problems of lift and drag with them, helping them resolve a major design problem.

As a result, he is often mentioned in historic works related to the Wright brothers and the history of aviation. His farm was in West Brandywine Township.

The commemorative marker will state: “George Alexander Spratt (1870- 1934), West Brandywine Township. Early aviation design pioneer whose research was instrumental in the Wright brothers’ first flight.

He performed countless experiments to understand the forces that would keep aircraft aloft. His innovative use of a wind tunnel led to a greater understanding of the effect of lift, drag, and the center of pressure on a curved wing.”

The Spratt marker is one of 23 new historical markers that were approved by the Pennsylvania Historical Marker Commission last week.

Read more about George Spratt from Phoenixville Patch here.

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