Langhorne Man’s Daily Walk for Coffee Nets Him a Shot of Caffeine and a Shot of Vaccine

Image via Dan Davis at Creation Commons

For the past five years, Frank Ford, 87, has taken his daily walk to and from the Langhorne Coffee House, reports Hira Qureshi in the Cherry Hill Courier-Post

The four-mile round trip nets him a caffeine fix with a side of camaraderie. And those friendships may have saved his life. 

A friendly barista at the shop learned about cancelled vaccine appointments at a nearby hospital. She connected Ford and his wife with the healthcare provider, encouraging them to take the vacated spots. The couple received COVID shots within three hours.  

Vaccine aside, Ford credits his coffee stroll as an important part of his routine. “Here I am at 87, and I still walk round trip two miles at a pretty fast pace,” Ford said. “So, health-wise it’s a tremendous help, and psychologically is a huge help as well.” 

Read more about Frank Ford in the Cherry Hill Courier-Posthere

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