Kismet Bagels Use of a Stone-Ground Doylestown Ingredient Has Their Bagels Selling Like Hotcakes


Jacob and Alexandra Cohen with a Kismet Bagel
Image via Joe Lamberti at USA TODAY/Atlantic Group
Jacob and Alexandra Cohen

Quality in; quality out, goes the old manufacturing credo. But for the owner-operators of Philadelphia’s Kismet Bagels, the adage is true. The distinct flavor and texture of their product, a hot seller from Philly to the Jersey Shore, starts with dough made from whole wheat flour that is stone-ground in Doylestown, writes Hira Qureshi for the Bucks County Courier Times. 

Jacob and Alexandra Cohen were, like most couples over the past 18 months, stuck inside by COVID and looking for something to do. They were baking a lot anyway and decided they were up to the challenge of making bagels — a dicey delight, given the unpredictability of yeast and the messiness of water baths.  

Eager to embrace old-style baking, they sourced their flour from Castle Valley Mill in Doylestown. The mill prides itself on preserving the nutritional value and taste of grain by using antique buhr mills and no preservatives other than refrigeration.

The results were delicious. And abundant. With quantities above what they could reasonably eat themselves, the Cohens started dropping off bagels at the homes of family and friends. (Baker’s) dozens of praiseworthy comments came back. 

Before long, the Cohens had lines of masked neighbors outside their door, waiting on pick-up orders. 

The name of the business, Kismet Bagels, was born of a remarkable coincidence. Jacob and Alexandra had actually met as children, introduced by their grandmothers who were friends. 

From the notion that their relationship was “meant to be,” the name seemed to be a natural. 

Just like their product line. 

Further details of the Cohens and Kismet Bakery are in the Bucks County Courier Times.  

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