Bucks Restaurants Benefit from Community Kindness Served on a Silver Platter

Image via Nancy Rokos, Bucks County Courier Times
When business at Piccolo Trattoria slowed, regulars sent notes of encouragement.

Bucks County Courier Times reporter Hira Qureshi cited Bucks restaurants whose sense of community eased some of the financial burden of Covid-driven downturns in the hospitality industry.  

Piccolo Trattoria received not only monetary donations but also mailed notes of encouragement and support. Parent-Teacher Organization of Hopewell Valley Central High School, for example, sent a message that after 15 years of the restaurant supporting school functions, it was time to return the favor. 

COVID-19 hit The Spinnerstown Hotel Restaurant and Tap Room by leaving both its guestrooms and its dining room empty. Management took things outdoors with a barbecue pit, and the idea caught fire. The regulars used social media to spread the word about the five-star food. 

Stella of New Hope lost much of its event business in 2020, owing to safe distancing requirements. One by one, full-time positions were reduced or eliminated as cost-cutting measures. The restaurant staff, however, decided to take care of its own, delivering meals to unemployed colleagues. 

Read the original Bucks County Courier Times story for more details on how neighbors rallied around their favorite local restaurants. 

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