Are You “Woke” on LinkedIn?


Are you “woke” on LinkedIn? What’s that mean? Many think the term relates to social injustice issues, but it began with a totally different meaning.

The original meaning was that you are an up-to-date and well-informed individual.

As the past tense of “wake,” “woke” now relates to racism and social justice issues. The term “woke” was entered into the dictionary in 2017.

Not everyone likes the term and can get people in trouble, like Chris Harrison of the Bachelor.

Suppose we were to consider the term from its original meaning of being an up-to-date and informed individual regarding LinkedIn. How are YOU going about keeping up-to-date with this social media platform?

LinkedIn workshops and trainings are available on Zoom and Clubhouse, and they are hosted locally, nationally, or internationally (see event listings below).

Everyone has tips, tricks, and strategies to offer, so dive in and stay up to date and well-informed on LinkedIn.

This week you can learn about how to create graphics for your LinkedIn and other social media. You can also join me and others on Clubhouse for a profile review.

You can also sign up for the third Saturday of the month for three-hour workshops on Zoom.

Don’t miss our upcoming featured events (best viewed on a desktop). If you are a working adult, learn and network with us. You can also view events on a Google doc and meetup.

  • 3/8 Mon Career Success Group
  • 3/8 Mon Work Search Buddies
  • 3/9 Tues Strengthen Your Personal Brand Through LinkedIn Publishing
  • 3/9 Tues and Tips for Job Search
  • 3/9 Tues Business Executives Networking Group (BENG)
  • 3/10 Wed PowerThinking Resiliency Building Call-In
  • 3/10 Wed Three Things Unemployed Professional Must Know to Overcome Frustration and Fear
  • 3/10 Wed Business Executive Networking Group (BENG)
  • 3/11 Thurs Career Success Group
  • 3/11 Thurs  How to Create Snazzy Graphics for LinkedIn or Social Media
  • 3/11 Thurs Client Attraction Lunch & Learn
  • 3/11 Thurs Beating the Applicant Tracking System
  • 3/11 Thurs Virtual Jobseeker Support Meeting
  • 3/11 Thurs The Long Distance Leader Meet the Author
  • 3/12 Fri Interviewing Techniques
  • 3/13 Sat The Top Takeaways from 15 Years of My Career Transitions
  • 3/6 Sat Fast LinkedIn Profile Review & Strategies on Clubhouse
  • 3/15 Mon Career Success Group

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