Finding the Right LinkedIn Keywords Establishes Clarity Across Business and Career Models


Self-employed? Unemployed? Employed? Confuzzled? Conundrum? Not clear of where you stand in your career to develop the right keywords for LinkedIn?

It may be time to self-reflect and record your thoughts in writing on a one page business model.


If this category fits you, you might want to use the Leanstack Canvas Business Model in template one or template two. This one-page business model is a topic that John Hess of Chester & Delaware County SCORE expertly presents.

You can also watch videos on Youtube or purchase one of many books on the subject.

Also, you can explore the Business Model Canvas and other useful tools presented on the site.

This Harvard Business review article on The Best Business Model in the World is a good read related to the business models’ topic, though not the one-page business model minted above. 


If this category fits you, you will want to use the Business Model U, that by Tim Lybarger recently presented. Utilizing this model helps individuals craft their careers and attempts to remove any confusion. It was received with great enthusiasm by the attendees who participated in this presentation.


Once you have completed your one-page model and have reviewed it with your “Board of Advisors,” you need to target your keywords on your future-forward position. That future forward position may be the same as the current position for some individuals and different for others.

If you are reinventing or pivoting, you need to develop a new set of keywords to position yourself appropriately. Here is article one and article two that provide instructions on how you might figure out your keywords. 

Since spring is right around the corner, examining where you are in your career might be an excellent activity to put on your spring cleaning list!

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