Social Media, Memes, and a Comeback Tour Have Inspired Renewed Interest in this Doylestown Band

rock group
Image via Superheaven.
One of the group's songs has recently blown up after being around for the last decade.

Thanks to a recent reunion tour and social media posts using one of their songs, a rock group from Bucks County is finding a wider audience.

Superheaven, a group formed in 2008 in Doylestown, recently got back together to perform around the country, in part to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their debut album, “Jar”. The band originally released the album under their first name, Daylight, which they switched after a legal dispute.

The seventh track on the album, “Youngest Daughter”, has found renewed interest in a wider audience thanks to social media. Several posts have used the somber song to highlight dark humor in memes, especially on Instagram.

They initially disbanded in 2016, with several reunion shows to come in the following years. The group fully reunited in 2022 and has tour extensively to promote their debut record and celebrate its milestone.

This trend of older songs finding a new audience is nothing new. Just in the past few months, social media users have found it hard not to hear French singer Jain’s “Makeba”, originally released in late 2015, which found a new life in advertisements and memes.

Learn more about the group at Superheaven.


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