Holland Entrepreneur Funding, Organizing Large Pickelball Tournament in the Area

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The local entrepreneur is taking his love of the sport to the next level.

An entrepreneur from Bucks County is using his resources to bring the pleasures of pickleball to those inside and outside of the community. John George wrote about the local man for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Nicholas Puschak, an entrepreneur from Holland, is taking his love of pickelball to the next level. After a long career, he is now devoting most of his time to teaching people how to play the sport through several mediums, including a YouTube channel called “Pickelball is Life”.

“The game is so social,” he said.

“I took to it very quickly. And it’s very exciting too. I played tennis for a long time and pickleball reminded me of doubles tennis when everybody gets to the net and the ball goes back and forth very quickly like boom, boom, boom. You get that in pickleball all the time.”

He is organizing pickelball events in and around the area, including the Masons Mill Open in Lower Moreland, which saw about 300 participants come to play at Masons Mill Park last month.

Learn more about Puschak’s love of the sport in the Philadelphia Business Journal.


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