A Bucks County Company Most Likely Made the Baseballs Jackie Robinson Practiced With

Bucks County duo
Image via the Jackie Robinson Foundation
The famed baseball player most likely used balls made by a Bucks County duo.

A Bucks County duo may have been responsible for creating the baseballs used by some of the greatest to play the sport.

Dan McPhillips, the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds, recently discussed the connection between baseball legend Jackie Robinson and two brothers from Perkasie who created baseballs. By all accounts, the Bucks County duo’s creations were used by the sports great and others of his generation.

According to McPhillips, Ed and Walter Hubbert began stitching baseballs while working for A.J. Reach Co. in Philadelphia. In 1920, their family moved to Perkasie, where they continued to create the sports implement while living in their house at 142 North Main Street.

They went back to their old company and struck a deal to sell their baseballs to Major League Baseball. It was around this time that Robinson was playing, making it more than likely that he practices with the baseballs made by the local brothers.

Learn more about fun local facts like these at the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds.


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