Volunteers Place Flags On Graves at Doylestown Cemetery to Prepare for Memorial Day

Memorial Day
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The event honored local veterans from all generations.

Many volunteers, including children, gathered at Doylestown Cemetery over the weekend to place flags on veterans’ graves ahead of Memorial Day, writes Ed Doyle for the TAP Into Doylestown.

Around 50 people, including 40 Brownies and Juniors from the local chapter of the Girl Scouts, got to learn a little about the veterans they were there to honor. The group also included several Boy Scouts as well as members of the local Civil Air Patrol. They placed flags on 1,000 graves.

As they were moving through the cemetery, volunteers were reading out the names of the graves.

“By just saying their name, they’re not forgotten,” said Pete Scott, Commander of the American Legion Post 210 on North Street. That’s the main thing we want to accomplish today. We are remembering all of those fallen warriors and what they did for the country.”

He explained that the graveyard in Doylestown holds graves of veterans who fought in every war that U.S. troops have fought. There are two graves from the War of 1812, up to 30 graves from the Civil War, as well as some graves from the Spanish-American War.

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