Bucks County Graphic Designer Creates Celtic, Norse Apparel for Your Inner Viking

Image via Celtic Hammer Club.
The designer creates clothes, leather goods, and stoneware products bearing Celtic and Norse designs.

A designer in Bucks County is offering unique and artistic pieces of clothing for those interested in history and culture.

Celtic Hammer Club, based in the Upper Bucks County area, offers clothes, glassware, leather goods and other products with a similar theme running throughout the line.

Owned and operated by Doug Cavanaugh, a native of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, the clothing and accessories are now made in the Upper Bucks County area. Cavanaugh’s interest in this type of artwork came during his childhood, when the myths and legends of his ancestors came into his life.

“That led me down a path where I began to learn about my ancestors who hailed mostly from Ireland and Germany, but generally all across the Northern European landscape,” Cavanaugh said on the company’s website. “The more I learned, the more a became fascinated with the history, mythology, folklore, and culture of those who came before me.”

Some of the products offered on the website, as well as on Threadless.com, include shirts with Celtic imagery like the St. Brigid’s Cross and others with Germanic mythical figures like Odin and Fenrir.

Learn more about the designer and his products at Celtic Hammer Club.


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