Bad Boys, Bad Boys: Bucks County Authorities Warn Residents of Police Imposter in the Area

image via iStock.
The imposter was seen in the Morrisville area.

Authorities in Bucks County are warning residents and visitors to be on the lookout for a police imposter in the area. Hayden Mitman wrote about the imposter for NBC 10 Philadelphia.

The Falls Township Police Department is warning Bucks County residents of a recent incident that took place in Morrisville. According to authorities, a man posing as a police officer recently stopped a woman at a local Wawa.

He is described as a white male in his 30s, standing about 5-foot-9-inches tall with clean shaven with a thin build. At the time of the incident, he was wearing a plain dark-colored uniform with an exterior vest; he also had a flashlight and wearing a golden badge.

According to the website Legal Match, the penalties for impersonating a police officer include imprisonment of up to five years, sometimes more depending on other contributing factors, criminal fines around $1,000, probation, and an account of the charge placed on your permanent criminal record.

Read more about he imposter at NBC 10 Philadelphia.


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