Archbishop Wood High School Senior Building Inclusive Brand Supporting People with Special Needs

Down syndrome
Image via Fox 29 Philadelphia.
The Buck County student has partnered with a major football player to help his community.

Nolan Slaweski, an Archbishop Wood High School senior, is using his differences to develop a business that supports people with special needs as well as raising money for people with Down syndrome, writes JoAnn Pileggi for FOX 29 Philadelphia.

Two years ago, the 19-year-old Slaweski returned home from Tim Tebow’s Rising Light Ridge camp. he introduced a new saying ommto his family, which turned into his new brand: “Built Different.”

“He knows what he wants, and he went to camp and came home saying, ‘I’m built different,'” said his mom, Colleen. “I thought that’s such an amazing thing for him to recognize his differences.”

Slaweski, who has Down syndrome, started designing t-shirts, hats, and other items branded with his saying, “Built Different.”

He started offering his products for sale two months ago on World Down Syndrome Day.

“Everybody is different, just like me,” he said. “We’re all different.”

He now runs an Etsy shop and plans to sell “Built Different” products at community events throughout Bucks County.

Slaweski plans to save his money to be able to afford a home and a four-wheeler.

Read more about Nolan Slaweski at FOX 29 Philadelphia.


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