The Ivyland Country Store Embraces Its Nearly Century-and-a-Half History

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Jim Primodie and colleague at the Ivyland Country Store.
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Tucked away in the heart of the little Bucks County borough of Ivyland is a longtime fixture of this small community — the Ivyland Country Store.

Today, and for the past 25 years, the store has been operated as a takeout deli by proprietor Jim Primodie.

But its history goes even further back. Quite a bit further. 

Built in 1874 at 67 Gough Avenue, this establishment has continuously operated as various stores and mercantile businesses throughout the years, serving customers locally and many who traveled distances just for some of their specialty merchandise: fine linens and silks, horse tack and saddles, hardware and tools, fine meats, and even ice cream. At one point the Country Store also served as a post office for the borough.

A Nod to Its Past

Primodie recognizes the rich history of the Country Store and fully embraces it. Walking into what is now a breakfast and lunch deli establishment it looks more like a general store of old.

Primodie personally designed the interior decor to look like a vintage shop. Old signs, a working wood stove, an antique radio, and various other vintage goods, decorations and collectibles create the retro ambiance.

Customers not only love and appreciate it, they contribute to it, donating personal items from bygone days.

Underneath the antique visage, however, the Country Store has embraced modern technology. Patrons can order online, follow the business on social media, and even try their luck at the lottery-ticket vending machine.

Definitely Not a Wawa

“There are all these franchises today; this type of place is going away,” Primodie said. “We don’t compete against Wawa. We’re in a unique location in the middle of nowhere. It’s unbelievable the business we do.”

Beyond the unique location and ambiance, the Country Store is mostly known for excellent food.

Most customers come from the lunchtime traffic from the surrounding industrial parks that create a loyal group of regulars.

Allen, for example, has been a Country Store customer for over five years and counting.

“The food is excellent,” he said. “Five stars.”

And if the store’s Yelp reviews are any indicator, Allen isn’t alone in his praise of the menu.

150 Years in the Making

The Ivyland Country Store won’t mark its 150th birthday until 2024; however, in 2023, Ivyland Borough marks its sesquicentennial (150-year legacy).

A borough-wide celebratory event is scheduled for June 24, offering reasons to attend that include:

  • Live music
  • Food, including dishes from the Ivyland Country Store
  • Antique cars
  • Old-fashioned bicycles
  • Displays of its historic past
  • A Revolutionary War encampment
  • Horse-drawn wagon rides
  • Kids activities

For those not familiar with Ivyland Borough — or the Country Store — the 150th celebration is a great way to experience it.

Or for a more immediate experience of the area’s vintage charm, visitors can stop by the Ivyland Country Store any weekday from 7 AM to 3 PM for a tasty bite.

Primodie assures them they won’t be disappointed.


Although The Country Store is certainly unique in Ivyland, merchants like it were common across the U.S. Here’s a profile of one in Dearborn, Mich.

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