Popular Ice Cream Stand in Ivyland to Start Serving Up Treats Once Again

Image via Tanner Brothers Dairy.
The farm's popular ice stand will now begin operations for local residents and visitors.

A popular ice cream shop in Bucks County is reopening after a longtime pause in operations due to the recent pandemic. Chris Rollins wrote about the local ice cream spot for 94.5 PST.

Tanner Bros. ice cream counter located at Tanner’s Dairy Farm at 1070 Hatboro Road in Ivyland, has been closed since August 2021 due to the pandemic. Now, the ice cream shop will begin serving up treats once again to the delight of many locals

The closure was prolonged due to the shortage of staff. The market stacked other products both in front of and on top of the ice cream freezers, leaving little hope it would reopen.

But recently, the shop has started training several cashiers for the ice cream side of the business. This means that the long-lasting tradition will be reopening after all. The area has also been cleared of other products.

There is currently no exact date for reopening, but the cashiers who are being trained said they will be serving up ice cream cups and cones along with shakes very soon.

Until then, customers who are craving homemade ice cream can still pick up some of their favorite flavors from the freezer section of the market.

Read more about Tanner Bros. at 94.5 PST.


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