Bucks County’s Assistant Solicitor Named One of the ‘Top Lawyers Under 40’

government official
Image via Bucks County Government.
The official was honored for her work in the county.

A government official in Bucks County was recently acknowledged by a major bar association for her accomplishments in the area.

Elizabeth Oquendo, the Assistant County Solicitor of Bucks County, was named on the list of the “Top Lawyers Under 40” by the Hispanic Bar Association.

Oquendo also serves as general counsel for Bucks County Human Services. Before this, she was a Senior Policy Attorney at Children’s Law Center in Washington D.C.

“On behalf of HNBA/VIA, I want to thank the Awards Committee for their diligent work during this year’s particularly arduous selection process,” the bar association said online.

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the award winners, and hope that as you continue to navigate the trajectory of your career, you will continue to raise your voice and be a driving force for real action and real change. I look forward to celebrating this accomplishment with all of you.”

Learn more about Oquendo’s accomplishments at the Bucks County Government.


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