Our A-Okay DA: New York Think Tank Names Matt Weintraub One of the Best Prosecutors in the Nation

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Image via Matt Weintraub at LinkedIn.
Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub.

The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a New York organization dedicated to “…developing ideas that foster economic choice and individual responsibility,” has named Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub one of the five best prosecutors in the U.S. The list from Thomas Hogan appeared in the Institute’s City Journal.

The assessment searched for excellence among the common traits of a prosecutor:

  • Deep experience in multiple jurisdictions
  • Embrace of the mission to protect crime victims
  • A tough stance on violent crime, tempered by innovative approaches to low-level offenders
  • Professionalism that transcends politics
  • Collaborative excellence with law enforcement and fellow prosecutors
  • Outstanding personal ethics
  • A demonstrated ability to do the right things for the right reasons

District Attorney Weintraub was cited for his “steady demeanor and professionalism,” characteristics he brought to the job during even the county’s most heinous crimes.

Further, the Institute acknowledged some of Weintraub’s visionary approaches to his position. These include his decision to arm police officers with Narcan to enable quick responses to drug overdoses.

Greg Rowe, Executive Director of the Pa. District Attorney’s Assn., described Weintraub as “dedicated and authentic… [working] tirelessly to help ensure community safety and victims’ rights.”

More on the best U.S. prosecutors, including our own Matt Weintraub, is at the City Journal.