Delaware River One of Many Nearby Bodies of Water Being Cleaned by National Nonprofit

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The river is set to undergo a massive cleaning in the near future.

One of Bucks County’s biggest and most well-known rivers may soon see itself cleaned up by a nonprofit working to help the environment. Katherine Rapin wrote about the local river in Yes Magazine.

Upstream Alliance, a nonprofit focusing on keeping local waterways clean, has set its sights on the Delaware River in Bucks County as the next spot it will be working on.

Using the latest and immersive environmental cleanup technology available, the group will be going through the river in order to clean up debris and litter the have been affecting its natural ecosystem.

The initiative will help to keep the surrounding area beautiful and to make sure that the river, along with the Hudson and Chesapeake, will be useable by local residents for many generations to come.

“In many areas, water quality has come back enough and habitat is stable enough that you can rebuild,” said Danielle Kreeger, science director at the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary.

Read more about the nonprofit’s cleanup in Yes Magazine.

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