Bucks County Government Celebrates Retiring Supervisor After 40 Years of Dedication to His Community

Image via Bucks County Government
The local resident was honored for his decades of work for his fellow residents.

The Bucks County government has acknowledged a local man who has retired after four decades of service to his community.

Mike Duncan, who served as the Building Supervisor with General Services, recently retired after 40 years of employment with the county. Beginning his career in the Neshaminy Manor’s kitchen, he worked his way up to being one of the higher-ups of the Bucks County government.

To honor his hard work and dedication to those most in need in his community, Bucks County Commissioners awarded him with an award of commendation. He was also given several other gifts to help kickstart his retirement.

“Mike was many people’s go-to person and will be greatly missed!” the commissioners said online. “We hope you enjoy your endless weekend!”

His story of working his way through the ranks of the community is a commendable act that many can look to as an example of leadership and dedication to others.

Read more about how people like Duncan have helped the community at the Bucks County Government.

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