Major University Utilizes Bristol Property for Their Popular Gardening Program

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The program is bringing real-life experience to students involved in gardening.

A popular university is using a gardening center in Bucks County as a major part of their outdoor and agricultural program.

The Penn State Master Gardeners of Bucks County has been using a property in Bristol as part of their expanding gardening education program. Beginning during the pandemic, the university’s program started using Adams Hollow Community Garden for students and staff to learn about what goes into the growing of food.

“The garden was built on long-abandoned tennis courts and this area now serves the Bristol Borough community, as well as our own Master Gardeners,” the program said online.

“It has become a great source of fresh produce and an education destination for many in the Lower Bucks community.”

The project is being operated in partnership with the Landreth Seed Company, who published one of the country’s first seed catalogues. Around for many centuries, the company has seen Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Joseph Bonaparte as their clients.

Learn more about the program at Penn State Extension.

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