After Almost Two Decades, Bucks County Authorities Are Coming Close to Solving a Major ‘John Doe’ Case

Image via CBS Philadelphia
The unnamed man's identity may soon come to the light.

After decades of investigating, Bucks County authorities are coming close to being able to identify a long-unnamed victim. Joe Holden reported on the case for CBS News Philadelphia.

It was back in 2003 when Bensalem Township Police Detective John Monaghan got the call that a body had been found on the banks of the Delaware River. Now, almost two decades since then, several Bucks County investigators are still working to identify the man, who currently rests without a name in the Doylestown Cemetery.

“We do have a responsibility for these people laying in graves often,” McAndrew said.

“This case is actually unique in the point that it has a grave marker that at least that says John Doe. You know the Potters Field down in Philadelphia does not – they’re all unmarked graves.”

Once solved, this will be another cold case with a Bucks County connect that is recently put to rest. Earlier this month, Philadelphia authorities identified the famous “Boy in the Box”, who was researched by now-Lower Makefiled Police Chief Kenneth Coluzzi decades ago.

Read more about this John Doe case at CBS News Philadelphia.

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