Looking for a New Fall Beer? These Bucks County Breweries Have You Covered With Their Unique Selections

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The local brewery has one of the best fall beers in the region.

Known for its wide selection of breweries, Bucks County will soon see the return of the ever-popular fall beers it is known for. Staff writers at Visit Bucks County wrote about the upcoming drinks and their breweries.

Each one of the breweries that were listed will house one or several fall beers that bring customers into the season, with note of pumpkin and warm, hearty ingredients making the list of most of the brews.

Here are a few of the breweries that made the list for their fall drinks:

  • Broken Goblet Brewing – Bensalem
  • Odd Logic Brewing Co. – Bristol
  • Mad Princes Brewing Co. – Buckingham
  • Geronimo Brewing – Doylestown
  • Aristaeus Craft Brewing Co. – Langhorne
  • Langhorne Brewing Company- Langhorne
  • Bitchin’ Kitten Brewery – Morrisville
  • Great Barn Farm – New Hope
  • Iron Hill Brewery – Newtown
  • Free Will Brewing Company – Perkasie
  • Bucks County Brewery – Pipersville
  • The Proper Brewing Co. – Quakertown
  • Vault Brewing Company – Yardley

Read more about the Bucks county breweries at Visit Bucks County.

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