No Snow Job: PennDOT Seeks Bucks County High School Artists for Winter Safety Campaign

Image via Jonas Augustin at Unsplash.
What's a snow plow doing in a Bucks County article published in June?

With Bucks County weather now so temperate, next winter’s harsh road conditions are hard to conjure. But PennDOT is seeking creative high-school students who can do just that. It’s part of the state’s annual Paint the Plow competition, a safe-driving initiative.

Paint the Plow asks high-schools to enlist student artists to devise a captivating graphic that depicts good driving habits in bad weather.

The competition’s name reveals the “canvas” on which the winning entry is featured.

It’s a snowplow.

The 2022–2023 edition has a theme: Put Down the Device in Snow and Ice. It’s meant to advise drivers that adverse weather requires yet more diligence behind the wheel.

The winning school’s design will be transferred to a PennDOT plow, visible to all as it clears area roadways of snow, slush, and sleet.

Teachers and administrators interested in nominating their schools can email Krys Johnson, Pa. Transportation Community Relations Coordinator.