Outdoorsy West Coast Horse Trainer Moved to Bucks County Because She ‘Especially Missed the Snow’

Spring Meadow Farm and Estate, Buckingham Township
Image via Bucks County Magazine.
Spring Meadow Farm and Estate in Buckingham Township, home of Patty Patterson, a west coast transplant to Bucks County who needed acreage for her horses and dogs.

Patty Patterson describes herself as being “country.” She left urban Cleveland and has lived in California. But her wish to experience all four seasons — especially snow — led to a Bucks County move. Beth Buxbaum covered her cross-country relo for Bucks County Magazine

In addition to the local weather, Peterson favored vintage farmhouses. Her realtor showed her the 19-acre Spring Meadow Farm and Estate in Buckingham Township, which dated to 1790.  

For Patterson, it was love at first sight. 

“As we drove up the long, meandering drive, I was taken by the canopy of dogwood, maple, and spruce trees,” she says. 

Patterson was amazed at the property’s footprint, seeing as perfect for the horses and dogs she raised. 

Waiting for the settlement date, she furnished the rooms in her head. When she eventually took over the deed, she transported her furniture — and her horses — from California and settled in. 

In addition to the ongoing research of her property, Patterson has steeped herself in the local art scene. 

As a member of the Phillips Mill Foundation for The Arts, she is blending her architectural and artistic interests. “We are striving to preserve and restore the cottage homes of the original early Pennsylvania impressionists for artists and the public to enjoy forever,” she explains. 

More on Patterson and her livestock and lifestyle is at Bucks County Magazine

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