PennDOT Begins Improvements to Doylestown Intersections with History of Congestion

Image via TMA Bucks.
The intersection will undergo interim improvements to help the flow of traffic.

Some major intersections in Bucks County will soon see improvements made to lessen their usual congestion and traffic issues.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has announced that it has begun the process of implementing interim improvements to test suggested changes to the intersections of Easton Road, Route 313 & Old Easton Road in Doylestown. For years, these intersections have been a source of both congestion and traffic for Bucks County commuters and visitors to the area.

“This process is currently in the testing phase to see if these improvements will provide the results needed to reduce congestion in the Cross Keys area,” TMA Bucks said online.

The changes are aimed at removing the signal and altering traffic turning movements at this location. The issues at hand were responsible for the development of the Land Use and Transportation Study for the Cross Keys Area, which was completed in 2017.

“The plan stated that once this connector road was constructed, it would allow for the removal of the traffic light at Old Easton Road and Route 313,” the Bucks County Planning Commission said online. “At that intersection, certain movements would be restricted to allow for improved traffic flow on Route 313.”

Learn more about the interim improvements to the intersection at PennDOT.


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