Shark Tank Investors Find King of Prussia Inventors’ Banana Gadget Has Plenty of Appeal

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Image via Facebook.
Banana Loca on Shark Tank.

Figuring out a way to stuff bananas with other foods without breaking them is turning out to be very profitable for the King of Prussia-based Banana Loca Company. Anna Hendrix peeled back the layers of this story for the NewsBreakSite.

Montgomery County residents Renee Heath and Bechara Jaouden created a kitchen gadget that allows snack-lovers to create stuffed bananas. The tool injects treats like peanut butter and jams inside the tropical fruit without breaking its handy shape.

They named the device Banan Loca and created a company to produce, market, and sell the gadget.

The pair appeared on Shark Tank in December, where they sought $250,000 in exchange for 25 percent stock in their company.

The presentation went flawlessly, and the big banana mascot who accompanied the pitch was a big hit.

By the end of the episode, they had managed to snag two deals for the company, with Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary.

Since then, their business has been thriving.

“People are going bananas!” said Heath. “The videos and pictures that we get, especially on Instagram and TikTok, are amazing. We see families and people of all ages using it.”

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