Local Superintendent on Texas School Shooting: ‘There Is a Profound Sadness That Is Difficult to Explain’

hands being held
Image via Priscilla Du Preez at Unsplash.
Dr. Abram M. Lucabaugh, Central Bucks School District Superintendent, advises those possibly needing help in the aftermath of the school shooting in Texas to be unafraid to seek it out.

Dr. Abram M. Lucabaugh, Central Bucks School District Superintendent, shared his heartfelt reaction to the May 24 school shooting in Uvalde, Tx., in a recent Facebook post.

“The tragic loss of life at an elementary school … has once again shaken our nation,” he wrote. “For those who work in education, horrifying events like what unfolded are even more impossible to comprehend.

“We all work so hard to make our schools and classrooms places of safety, both physically and emotionally, and when something like this happens, it touches us differently … there is a profound sadness that is difficult to explain.

“The same is true for parents. Each day, you send your children to school with the expectation that they are safe and cared for, and to know that something as evil as this could unfold is unnerving and terrifying.”

Dr. Lucabaugh called for people to “lean on each other” in trying to navigate the violent tragedy.

“Ask for help if you need to,” read the posting. “It is not a sign of weakness.

“This is when the relationships that we focus on so much come to bear, and we must endeavor to keep building those bonds despite the differences that we encounter.”

He ended with deep thanks to his school staff for its ongoing dedication school safety.

Dr. Lucabaugh cited the following Pa. Dept. of Education links, noting them as being helpful in the aftermath of the Tx. school shooting: