In-Box Debut: BUCKSCO.Today Welcomes Readers to Its First Afternoon Edition

man reading phone
Image vie Eren Li at Pexels.
With this edition, American Community Journals will now publish BUCKSCO.Today on a twice-daily basis.

Welcome to the debut of the BUCKSCO.Today afternoon email edition.

With this issue, in your hands at this moment, this publication will now be served up twice daily, doubling the once-a-day-frequency with which it launched in Dec. 2020.

BUCKSCO Today’s revised publishing schedule will not dilute its reason for being: to bring upbeat, positive, life-affirming stories to the communities — large and small, rural and urban, Gen Z and Baby Boomers — that make up Bucks County.

In fact we see it as amplifying it.

In addition, the augmented schedule expands the opportunity to highlight the organizations that partner with American Community Journals (the brand under which we publish) in a formal way.

We are extremely grateful to our existing partners and welcome all future ones.

To our corps of loyal morning readers, thank you for your ongoing support and positive feedback to our daily news-gathering efforts.

To the readers of our new afternoon edition, welcome.

We hope you enjoy this afternoon debut of stories that remind us why Bucks County is a primo place to live, work, flourish, recreate, and engage.