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Since launching BUCKSCO.Today in December, we have carved out an important niche as a vehicle for sharing positive, upbeat stories that affirm why Bucks County is routinely ranked as one of the most desirable places to live in all of America.

While we are flattered when someone calls us a “news site” or “online newspaper,” we do not practice journalism. Rather, we practice the art of storytelling by publishing stories that celebrate Bucks County.

Although we have the utmost respect for journalists and believe reporters and journalists are necessary for a vibrant, healthy democracy, BUCKSCO.Today does not share their responsibility to tell both sides of a story.

Our core purpose is to grow our affiliate partners’ businesses, to strengthen the fabric of the communities we serve, and to unite people in a celebration of community, relationships, and life.

BUCKSCO.Today was created as an alternative to the doom-and-gloom, the-sky-is-falling coverage offered up by most traditional news media.

As such, we eschew stories on crime, accidents, road closures, scandal, politics, etc., as those types of stories, at best, paint an inaccurate picture of life in Bucks County and, at worst, push us further into our respective partisan corners.

We don’t, for instance, ask a bank to open up its books to us before we run a press release on its quarterly results.

Nor do we ask a company for a copy of the cleared check that proves it donated thousands of dollars to its favorite charity.

We also don’t ask a nonprofit to show us its balance sheet before we announce to the public that it is struggling financially because the government just cut its funding and it needs help.

We assume, sans evidence to the contrary, that politicians are doing their best to serve their constituents and look after the long-term interests of their municipality, district, county, state, or nation.

Nonetheless, we strive to ensure our stories are thoughtful, fact-based, and 100-percent accurate and credible.

Look at it this way: If a chamber of commerce were to put out a daily newsletter, it would look like BUCKSCO.Today.

While we do have a little bit of advertising, our focus is keeping our pages free and uncluttered of the banner and pop-up ads so prevalent on many traditional media and news sites.

Instead, we are sustained primarily by our affiliate partners: the large companies, small businesses, nonprofits, and schools and universities with stories of success that are often overlooked or underreported.

We champion their stories and share them with an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have access to them.

Our affiliate partners appreciate that BUCKSCO.Today, a conduit for sharing their stories exists. And given BUCKSCO.Today’s growth, so do our readers.

Thank you for opening our e-mails, clicking on our stories, and making BUCKSCO.Today part of your day, every day.

We love sharing stories that celebrate the Bucks County’s experience, and judging on your feedback, so do you.


Ken Knickerbocker is the publisher of BUCKSCO.Today, as well as similar county business journals in Delaware County (DELCO Today), Montgomery County (MONTCO Today), and Chester County (VISTA Today). He can be reached via e-mail at kknickerbocker@vista.today.




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