Levittown Bike Rider Saddles Up for 500-Mile Charity Ride

bike aganst neon background
Image via Flo Maderebner at Pexels.
Cyclist Joe Boyce is facing a 500-mile challenge to raise funds for a child-centric homeless shelter.

Levittown cyclist Joe Boyce will pump his pedals for 500 miles next month, raising money for Anchor House, a N.J. nonprofit that helps homeless children. Wayne Fish spun through the details in the Bucks County Courier Times.

The 500-mile achievement over eight days of cycling is impressive enough. But this isn’t Boyce’s first time covering that distance in that time. In fact, it’s his 14th. His total tally for this fundraiser is more than $100,000.

The 2020–2021 editions were held virtually because of the pandemic. But Boyce, like many locals who participate in challenges of this type, is eager to rejoin the larger pool of 100 fellow riders.

“The great camaraderie that we all have makes for a great adventure,’’ he said.

The route takes him to the open areas of western Pa., where Boyce sheds the trappings of modern Levittown life.

“Being out in ‘little town America’ on the back roads and not knowing exactly where we’re at is fun,’’ he said.

The solace also gives him time to reflect on Anchor House and the benefit it brings to homeless and abused kids.

The ride’s fundraising efforts are ongoing; Boyce is still accepting donations online.

More on this dedicated rider is at the Bucks County Courier Times.