In-Traffic Bicycle Stunts: Bensalem Kids Call It ‘Chicken’; Local Police Calls It Dangerous


Image via FOX29 News.
Problematic bicycle riders, identities protected owing to their age, in Bensalem Township.

Spring bike season is here. That means plenty of healthful exercise on county bike paths and suburban streets. 

But it also means an uptick in a dangerous form of stunt-bike riding among teenagers. Bensalem police are cracking down on the risky riding, reports Shawnette Wilson for FOX29 News. 

Natalie McNish drives Springdale Drive and Wexford Roads routinely. She’s often swarmed by packs of teenage bicyclists executing daring moves — wheelies, no-hands riding, erratic turns — in traffic. 

She and her neighbors see this two-wheeled fad (called ‘chicken’ here, other names elsewhere) as an accident waiting to happen. 

“[I’m just] driving down the road and they’re riding in front of me lifting wheelies, giving me the finger, saying some curse words…. And I’m like really?” said McNish. 

She is especially worried about liability, should she accidentally hit one of these show-offs. 

Bensalem Township Director of Public Safety Fred Harran says the police department established a Facebook reporting site to address the issue. Residents upload cellphone shots of offenders, and law enforcement officers follow up. 

“If you do this in Bensalem and someone takes your picture, then smile. Because you’re on Candid Camera. And you’re going to get a citation,” said Harran. 

Using the tips over the past weeks, police have cited eight riders. Fines range $25 to $200+. 

Law enforcement officers often partner with nearby schools to identify photographed offenders. 

More on this dangerous pastime is at FOX29 News

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