Brutus the Centurion, Bucks County Community College Mascot, Celebrates Sixth Birthday

cartoon character in blue
Image via Bucks County Community College.
Brutus the Centurion, now six years old.

Brutus the Centurion, the Bucks County Community College mascot, turned six on Feb. 16.

His outdoor party — attended by masked students — was marked with s’mores and cupcakes by a firepit, indicative of a February birthday. Given his Roman military background, however, he could have easily as toughed out a birthday dip in the icy Neshaminy Creek and been none worse for the wear.

Brutus resides predominantly at the college’s Newtown campus (site of his party), but he also is a presence at its Bristol and Perkasie campuses as well.

His info on the college website lists his favorite colors as blue and white and his favorite film as Centurion, the 2010 historical drama about Roman soldiers fighting for their lives behind enemy lines.

He doesn’t seem like the type to be a fan of The Sound of Music. But maybe he is. His online profile does list of a few of his favorite things: “…savoring victory, be it by his blade, a buzzer-beater, walk-off home run, hole in one, hat trick, or shutout.”

No whiskers on kittens, unfortunately; no warm woolen mittens, either.

His bio also lists a general dislike of opposing team mascots: “Mustangs, Spartans, Cougars, Phantoms, Trailblazers, and Hawks, just to name a few.”

Brutus has generally shown himself to be a good campus citizen. He contributed to the effort to prevent the COVID-19 spread by staying safe and socially distant. Some of his appearances transferred to online events, including virtual trivia and bingo games.

His reputation for exemplary behavior was perhaps sullied, however, in a supposed incident with Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty that was reported online. The flap, which reportedly escalated to heated words and allegations of “professional wrestling moves,” ended with the oversized Bucks military commander issuing a formal apology.

More on Brutus the Centurion is at the Bucks website.

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