After Bonding Over the Sport Themselves, Yardley Foursome Serves Up Indoor Pickleball Site

two couples at a table
Image via Hue Marketing and Entertainment.
The Gabriels and the Voelzkes.

What started as a painter’s tape court in a Yardley cul-de-sac has blossomed into a 26,000-sq.-ft. Indoor pickleball facility, launched by two couples. Vashti Harris netted the particulars for  

The Gabrieles (Becky and Frank) and the Voelzkes (Sharon and Bob) bonded over the quirky game in the summer of 2020, playing on a homemade court at the end of their driveways. They enjoyed the fun and fitness aspects and appreciated the socialization it brought. 

They’ve taken that affinity for the sport and turned it into a business. The joint project, the Mercer Bucks Pickleball Club, will open in late January in Ewing Township, N.J. 

They intend to ride the crest of a very popular wave in sports. 

“Many Jersey Shore towns have partly or fully converted tennis courts to pickleball,” Voelzke said. “They’re popping up everywhere.” 

The appeal of the game is easy to understand: Its rules are simple, the exercise is beneficial, and the games aren’t inordinately lengthy. 

The fact that their N.J. court is indoors (the building was once a solar panel factory) is a major advantage. It will enable year-round play. 

In addition to the exercise, the foursome intends to host social events there as well. 

More on the area’s newest location to play the popular ping pong-tennis-badminton mashup sport is at

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