Earlier Sunsets, Cooling Temperatures, Lengthening Shadows: It’s Time to Explore Haunted Bucks County

shadows in the dark
Image via Marion Brady at Creative Commons.

The Haunted Places website positions itself as a collection spot for creepy destinations across the nation. Given its history and storied background, it’s not surprising to find a few entries here in Bucks County.

While most of these sites are commercial entities, one is a cemetery. So, a general reminder about respectful behavior — even in the hotels and inns mentioned — is prudent.

Logan Inn New Hope

One of the oldest inns in America, the Logan Inn reportedly has a whole host of ghosts.

It was in operation through both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Guests claim to have seen an American Revolutionary war-era soldier beating his ghostly drum through the hotel.

Room six, “Emily’s Room,” is theorized to be one frequented by an otherworldly visitor. Guests will know she’s on hand from the scent of lavender before she appears.

Pen Ryn Mansion, Bensalem

The historic mansion and its grounds are the haunting place for the ghosts of Robert Bickley and a female entity believed to be his girlfriend. The haunting is said to occur every December 24th.

The woman appears on a black horse and holding a whip, and strikes at anyone who comes near. Robert then shows up and raps urgently on the mansion’s doors and windows.

Indian Rock Inn, Point Pleasant

At this remote inn and restaurant, some guests experience apparitions and shadowy forms that jiggle doorknobs, turn faucets on and off, and knock on walls an doors.

Black Bass Hotel, New Hope

According to reports, a ghostly pool of blood appears on the floor in the hotel tavern, a remnant from when the innkeeper was stabbed to death in a brawl.

Also, a ghostly woman in white has been seen in a guest room holding a pearl-handled revolver.

King George II Inn, Bristol

This circa 1681 inn is said to be the oldest continually operating guest accommodation in the U.S.

Folks here have seen the apparition of a man wearing a top hat and tails. They’ve also witnessed chairs and silverware that move by themselves, pictures that fly off walls, and doors that slam shut by themselves.

St. John’s Cemetery, Quakertown

In 2015, two new houses were built next to this graveyard. During construction, neighbors reported a a figure standing outside. Witnesses described the apparition as casting a dim green glow and dressed in loose clothing, sheets, or rags.

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