Levittown Girl Scouts Join Effort to Brighten the Memory of a Dark Day on 9-11 20th Anniversary

1,000 candles for 9-11 20th anniversary
Image via Bucks Local News.
Candlemakers hold up the fruits of their labor: 1,000 gifts for local first responders to mark the 9-11 20th anniversary.
Leather-stamped hearts like this one, reading “Never Forget,” were tied to each wick of the 1,000 candles
given to local first responders.
Image via Bucks Local News.

For first responders nationwide, 9-11 is a dark day. To brighten its 20th anniversary for local rescue personnel, a corps of volunteers, including Girl Scouts from Levittown, crafted a unique gift for them. Jeff Warner, for Bucks Local News, reported on the small token with a big impact.

The idea of presenting fire, police, and rescue workers in Newtown, Middletown, and Upper Makefield with candles came from Newtown resident Skip Gittens.

He is not only the public relations director for the Garden of Reflection memorial but is also a candlemaker.

Gittens knew that hand-dipping 1,000 candles was too much for one person, so he solicited volunteers.

They came out in droves, including the Girl Scouts from Queen of the Universe Catholic Church in Levittown. Even troop leader Beth Gutierrez got into the act.

“This is a win, win, win all around for the girls,” she said Gutierrez. “Today they learned about candlemaking. They learned a little about 9-11.”

Each responder will receive a wrapped box containing two candles, one for each decade since the attack.

Attached to each wick is a leather heart stamped with the words, “Never Forget.”

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