If You’re Driving While Reading This, You’re Part of Why Bucks County’s Distracted Driving Issue Is So Bad


Distracted Driving in Bucks County
Image via RedBoy [Matt] at Creative Commons.
According to data from pacourts.us, distracted driving in Bucks County is rampant.

Bucks County ranks among the top ten counties with the most distracted driving citations in Pennsylvania, according to a new report from www.pacourts.us.

In-county distracted-driving citations show motorists behind the wheel using headphones, making cell calls, glancing at GPS directions, and, of course, texting.

Over the past five years, Bucks County drivers received a total of 862 citations for distracted driving offenses. These account for 4.36 percent of overall cases in Pennsylvania. The data put the county as the sixth worse location statewide for citations related to inattentiveness in the driver’s seat.

There is, however, good news in the statistics. The number of tickets related to drivers’ wandering attention has dropped since a 2017 peak. This is especially true for 2020, when citation volumes were more than halved, from 139 in 2019 to 60.

Statewide demographics profile the offenders: Most are in their 20s (34 percent) and male (71 percent).

As for timing, May seems to be the worst month for wandering attention in the driver’s seat (11 percent).

And in terms of who’s catching us, the Pennsylvania State Police wrote just over half our tickets (56 percent).

Out of neighboring counties, Montgomery County has the highest number of distracted-driving citations in Pennsylvania. Chester County was also among the top ten, placing third.

Read the entire report at www.pacourts.us.

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