Oh Deer! Solebury Township Considers Options in Curbing Population Explosion of Bucks and Does

Culling deer herds in Solebury Township
Image via Lee Anderson at Creative Commons.

Massive numbers of deer threaten Solebury Township. They endanger motorists and gnaw the local environment to the point of destruction. The Board of Supervisors is considering solutions, reports Brigitta Wolf for the Bucks County Herald

Dr. Jay Kelly of Raritan Valley Community College presented drone evidence that demonstrated the breadth of the current deer population. He documented more than 2,000 in the township’s 27-square-mile footprint. 

Culling those herds is problematic. Contraceptive measures are expensive and unreliable. Professional sharpshooters are not exorbitant but can be pricy, considering the volumes. Kelly asserted that 89-90 percent of the deer needs to be removed to have any kind of benefit. 

All that the supervisors really know at this point is that something must be done. 

The traffic dangers are evident. According to AAA, Bucks County is number-two in the state for car accidents caused by deer. 

Lesser known — but equally as compelling — are the environmental concerns. The chair of the township’s environmental advisory council said that without action, the deer would graze the Solebury landscape until it resembled “an Arizona landscape.” 

The supervisors approved a motion for a multifaceted course of action. They agreed to strategies that included obtaining bid solicitations from sharpshooters and gaining permission from property owners to hunt. 

More on the issues on the Solebury Township Board of Supervisors’ meeting is at the Bucks County Herald. 

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