Distracted Driver Victim Speaks Her Grief when Imploring ‘Hang Up and Drive’

Public Speaker and accident survivor Jacy Good
Image via Hang Up and Drive.
Jacy Good, presenting her tragic story first hand as she warns about the dangers of distracted driving.

Advocacy speaker Jacy Good is appearing June 11 at the annual meeting of the Transportation Management Association of Bucks County in Feasterville-Trevose. The Lower Bucks Times announced the program. 

The joy of Good’s family after her 2008 graduation from Muhlenberg College turned horrific when their car was struck on the way home from commencement.

A tractor-trailer hit it, virtually obliterating the chassis. The truck was swerving out of the way of an errant car that had blasted through the intersection. The driver of the other vehicle was on his cell phone at the time. 

Good lost her parents that day. She almost perished herself. 

She has never regained the use of one arm and one leg, and she continues to have cognitive issues. 

The Allentown native nonetheless campaigns tirelessly against distracted driving. She speaks on behalf of a movement called Hang Up and Drive

This nationally known public speaker, a onetime Oprah Winfrey interviewee and U.N General Assembly guest, presents her safety message nationwide. 

The virtual event is free for all businesses, companies, schools and organizations in Bucks County. Register by going to the TMA Bucks events page or contacting the organization by email

More on this story is at Lower Bucks Times.

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