The Monkey’s Uncle Sells Memorable Vintage Sports Merch, Aided by Mentees You Won’t Forget, Either

Derrick Morgan, The Monkey's Uncle, Doylestown
Image via CBS3 Philly.
Derrick Morgan, The Monkey's Uncle, Doylestown.

Doylestown’s sports memorabilia shop, The Monkey’s Uncle, boasts an inclusive inventory of vintage Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, and Flyers apparel. But its inclusiveness extends to the workforce as well. Vittoria Woodill reported on the store’s unique employees for CBS3 Philly.

When owners Jeanell and Derrick Morgan’s son Braden was born with autism, it was time for a course correction for the family’s professions.

They decided to swing for the fences in 2010 and open a vintage sports clothing shop. It not only fed Derrick’s life-long passion for local sports, it provided the flexibility Braden needed for aspects of his care like doctor appointments.

Jeanell, grateful for the opportunities the store enabled for her son, has now decided to pay it forward.

She launched an in-store initiative she called Worth the Wait Wednesdays.

She explained: “I posted on Social Media that we’re doing Worth the Wait Wednesdays. Which means that there will be an individual here throughout the day that might take a few extra minutes to do your transaction.”

The store’s loyal clientele of Philly sports fans embraced the concept wholly.

Everybody came on Wednesdays,” she laughed.

More on the unique sales team at The Monkey’s Uncle is at CBS3 Philly.