Bucks County Spent Quarantine Time Watching the Night Skies for Whoever — or Whatever — May Have Flown By

UFO Bucks County, Pa
Image via Frank Guy at Creative Commons.

U.S. national intelligence officials are currently preparing a Congressional report on unexplained sightings in the sky. Cassie Miller looked (up) at the issue from an in-state perspective for the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. 

Butch Witkowski, founder-director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, said local sightings are relatively common. Since January 2021, 49 Pennsylvanians logged UFO sightings on the National UFO Reporting Center‘s state report index. 

Nine were in or near Bucks County: 

  • April 28: Yardley – red lights flickering 
  • April 20: Dublin – ball of light [quickly] flashes/transports into a triangle 
  • April 2: Doylestown – reporter chose to file no description, preferring to remain anonymous 
  • March 19: Richboro – bright white light at high speed in the southeast sky 
  • March 14: Langhorne – bright, white point of light with lit-up trailing vapor in the southeast morning sky. May have been the [SpaceX] Falcon 9 launch 
  • March 7: three local reports: 
    • Feasterville – Green humming lights followed by red blinking light; as it passed, a separate set of white lights that quickly vanished 
    • Warminster – UFO chased by military 
    • Hatfield – It was really loud, and I first thought it was a helicopter or something, but when I checked my Flightradar24 app, there was nothing 

More on this story of the skies is (appropriately enough) at the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.  

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