Philadelphia Skateboard Gurus Roll Out Instructional Summer Camp in Warminster


Brett Williams skateboard camp Warminster
Image via Yui Williams at Warminster Patch.
Skate the Foundry instructors oversee skateboard lessons at Munroe Skatepark, Warminster.

Brett Williams is bringing skateboard instructors from his Philadelphia organization, Skate The Foundry, to Warminster. They hope to inspire the next generation of skateboarders (especially girls), reports Kate Fishman for the Warminster Patch

Williams describes skateboarding as a “tool.” He sees it as a method of building meaningful relationships and developing life skills. 

“It’s really about connecting people through skateboarding: getting to know one another [and] developing their ‘skate crew’ of friends that skateboard, that they can meet up with outside of the program,” Williams said. “We’re also really teaching self-confidence, creativity, persistence — when you fall, getting right back up — and also comradery — cheering for each other when we fall.” 

Skateboarding became an Olympic sport in 2016. Williams hopes the official recognition raises its visibility.. 

“Skateboarding is a real sport, and we want people to see it as a sport,” he said. “And of course, it’s a fun activity. But now that it’s in the Olympics, it’s going to be seen as a real public sport people sign up for.” 

One trend that Williams notes is the popularity among girls. He now runs monthly programs specifically for female and nonbinary skateboarders. 

“A lot of the girls learn much quicker than the boys as well,” Williams added. 

The Warminster Half-Day Camp will take place at Munro Skatepark, 1270 Newtown Rd.  

Registration is required. 

More on skateboarding training is at the Warminster Patch

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