Parx Casino Hits the Jackpot in Statewide Casino Gambling Revenue

Parx Casino revenue April 2021
Image via besteonlinecasinos at Pixabay.

With the high-touch play in almost every game in a casino, it’s no wonder they were shuttered early in the outbreak of COVID-19. Many fans, however, took their chips online, continuing to wager on blackjack hands, virtual slots and sports events. In Pennsylvania, that led to $400 million in revenue, reported Megan Tomasik for Trib Live. 

The April 2020 report indicated that this is second time Pennsylvania gaming crossed the $400 million threshold. It also represents a ten-fold increase in statewide gambling revenue since April 2020. 

Parx Casino raked in the highest revenue total in the state, a first-place finish among 15 licensed casinos across the Commonwealth. Gamblers filled Parx’ coffers to the tune of $62.9 million. 

Sports betting dipped statewide, perhaps related to abbreviated seasons across baseball, football and basketball. 

According to The Economist, COVID-19 quarantines healthily fed the gaming industry worldwide. High rollers, struggling to find a substitute for the real thing, placed bets in front of computer screens rather than in-person dealers and croupiers. 

Parx’ revenue figure is especially notable considering the relatively short history of this type of entertainment locally. Pennsylvania only authorize online casinos in 2019.

More on casinos’ virtual successes is at Trib Live

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